" ┘"

 - () ╚╩



*** /Xmas Meditation/

родился, значит, умер –

для примера


людям приг(в)о(з)дился –


это ж вам не homer!

кто [с] мыслью с(н)ей носился


семизначный номер


не приснился –

’āmar šomēr... (Ис 21:12)

Серж Замский
The Book of Jeremiah: A Bakhtinian Reading

Introduction..“Pornoprophetics” in the Hebrew Bible?
     As any “postmodern” student of the Hebrew Bible is well aware of, images of body, birth and sexuality are part and parcel of the writings in the prophetic corpus. Passages like Hos 1-3, Ez 16 and 23, Jer 2-5, Is 47 are habitually drawing attention of biblical scholars, especially of a younger generation working from within the paradigm of  ideological and/or feminist criticism. The primary focus in most of such studies is on
Bakhtin, Sociology and the Study of the Hebrew Bible

Although not of an enormous size, the corpus of works on Bakhtin and the Bible has been gradually growing in the recent years. Some have even announced the arrival of a “second wave” of interest to Bakhtin, having in mind the first wave that has “splashed” in 1980s and has resulted in such conversations with Bakhtin as were taking place in linguistics, semiotics, structuralism,